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Fun fact, Bernadette: Today is National Bubblegum Day. (There’s apparently a day for everything now). The very first batch of bubble gum was whipped up in 1906 by one Frank Fleer. This original formulation, called Blibber Blubber, never made it to the public because it was too sticky. About 20 years later, one of Fleer’s employees, an accountant named Walter Diemer, improved the formula and created what we now know as Dubble Bubble. 


Speaking of sticky subjects, last week’s blog post about closing down a nonprofit organization, included expert PR and legal tips from my pals, Filomena Fanelli of Impact PR & Communications and Rahul Keshap of Shuru Law. Check out the post on LinkedIn where you can like and share if you’re so inclined: A Means to An End: Dissolving Your Nonprofit With Competence and Finesse.


Keep it Poppin'!



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