Group Coaching Series for Nonprofit Leaders

Four weekly live sessions to strengthen your position as a leader & create a path toward greater impact with your organization.

By invitation only.

It All Starts with You

The success of your organization - and the impact it can make - are directly related to your ability to lead with confidence and authority. Which is why the framework of this 4-week group coaching series is constructed around ways to better position yourself for success and increase your influence. In this series, you'll learn to apply strategies to improve your specific systems and processes and you'll begin to create an organizational culture that supports your empowered leadership. 


When you are properly positioned for success, you will be able to get more accomplished and make a bigger impact.



Join Us

March 10, 17, 24, 31

Wednesdays @ Noon

We take the five core aspects of nonprofit leadership (mindset, bylaws, boards, mission, and budgets) up a notch to explore the nuances and circumstances of your unique situation. We'll learn from each other as well as from battle tested strategies of the pros.