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2022 email stats:

Average open rate = 52% , Average click rate = 2.5%, Average unsubscribe rate = 0.33%. 
I sent 40 emails in 2022 - up from just 18 the year before. Not bad, but still room for improvement.😊 After a year of sending B-mail at the same time every week, consistently cleaning up my list, and using plain text (vs. HTML), open rates went from around 40% at the beginning of 2022 to over 55% at the end. The highest-opened emails were My Favorite Non Sequitur (62%) and How it's going & how's it going? (62%). 
 In 2023, my goals for B-mail will be to send more messages (50), increase click rates (5%), and grow my list by 50%. Additionally, I hope to make more sales through email this year. In order to reach those goals, I will continue to try to work ahead so that I don't miss an email when things get busy, improve my calls to action with more valuable links, and use new outreach methods to attract more subscribers. 
Another important measure of engagement for 2022 was the amount of replies and handwritten notes I received from subscribers. Personal outreach is a powerful indicator that the content is meaningful, relevant, and serving its true purpose and makes all the effort to write weekly messages worthwhile. Thank you!



In 2022, I'm experimenting with posting the open rates for each email with the intention of identifying the types of content that elicit the most interest. To keep comparisons consistent, I will be sending all messages on Tuesdays at 8:45 am unless otherwise noted.



 *Most-opened email of 2021 (51%)



**most-opened email of all time (64%).

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