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What Hath God Wrought?

Season #1

This podcast is about finding great gifts, maybe the perfect gift, but it’s not about gift-giving rules. It’s about taking action when you see something that you know someone would enjoy.

It’s also about digging a bit deeper now and then. What would your best friend really treasure? How can you surprise someone with your thoughtfulness? Be the person who does nice things just because. We’ve never needed that more than now.

This Week’s Gift

Today I’m sharing my Mother’s Day gift. I do my best to avoid duplication here on the podcast, but today there’s a little of that. I am giving a second gift to my mom (she was also the recipient in episode 7) and I’m referencing 10,000 Villages again (which showed up in episode 9) so I hope you’ll hear me out on how and why this happened.

My mom collects elephants. When I saw a carved stone figurine mother elephant with a baby elephant inside, I knew it was perfect for her. It’s hand-carved out of gorara stone.

It was from Serrv, a fair-trade organization whose mission is in part: fighting global poverty through fair and ethical trade.

I also gave her a bracelet that spells out “love you mom” in morse code! Original and fun. It was made by a company called Dot and Dash and they have a really great story. Hear how this cool business got started and how they connect with non-profits as well

It’s a good reminder to share your story on your about page. I’m not the only one who checks them out and everyone loves knowing the behind-the-scenes story.

Donation of the Week

This week’s donation went to Therapeutic Adventures. It was the charity that was supported in the 5K that I ran a few weeks ago.

I’m a fan of outdoor activities and supporting this organization and mission felt truly aligned. Part of their mission: strives to make a positive and lasting impact on the people we serve and the environments where our adaptive program services are offered.



Dot and Dash

Therapeutic Adventures

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Title Notes:

"What hath God wrought", the official first Morse code message transmitted in the US on May 24, 1844, to officially open the Baltimore–Washington telegraph line.


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