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Smells Like Teen Spirit

Season #1



In last week’s show I almost forgot about the donation to Therapeutic Adventures because I made it through a race sign-up form. I received a receipt from the race organizers but have never received any communication from Therapeutic Adventures themselves.

This is a missed opportunity on the part of nonprofits. I like that it was easy and convenient for me to donate as part of the race, AND it would be even better if the recipient reached out to acknowledge the donation and provided options for me to continue supporting them.

If you work with or for a nonprofit, I explain 3 easy ways to make the most of these types of opportunities.

This Week’s Gift

My aunt Becky was a recipient of this week’s gift. I talked about her in episode 16. She is the one who makes heirloom blankets for our family and friends. She’s also one of the most thoughtful people who is always helping others pitching in when she’s not working on one of her amazing blankets.

It was her birthday, and I gave her a personalized candle. I don’t always send her a gift, so hopefully this was a nice surprise for her. I selected a candle with the flower of her birthday month with a special message.

Candles are an easy gift but can be tricky because not everyone likes all scents. What do you like? Are there any that you don’t like? Aunt Becky said she liked hers and even sent a hand-written thank you note.

Are you a note person? I shared my personal take on this, and I’d love to know what you think.


Donation of the Week

This week I donated to the Community Foundations of the Blue Ridge in honor of the Youth Philanthropy Council. Here’ their mission: to provide opportunities for local youth to practice philanthropic leadership skills by forming a grant making body. We believe that by including the voices and opinions of local youth in our community conversations, we can better understand our community while fostering in our future leaders a sense of local stewardship.

I love this! These days, it seems like kids know more about what’s going on around the world than in their own community. Learning about resources close to home and how they impact people right here is a good way to learn about how individuals and organizations can make a real impact.

Getting teens involved is such a good way to help them understand philanthropy, and gives them first-hand experience learning how this works in their local community.

Personalization Mall

Youth Philanthropy Council

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Title Note: scented candles + teens doing good = Nirvana.

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If you’d like to support the show, you can send me your gift ideas or suggestions for nonprofit organizations that are doing great work where you are at [email protected] . You can also become an annual supporter or a nonprofit supporter by visiting my podcast page. 


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