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Up, Up, and Away to College

Season #1

It’s graduation time!

Did you know that the US is one of the only places where checks are still used? I learned that working with a nonprofit whose major donors weren’t US based. Do you still write checks? What do you use instead?


This Week’s Gift

This week’s gift went to my nephew Aidan who graduated from high school. My son graduated on the same day, so we couldn’t be there in person. The gift was cash, which I know he will appreciate, and sent in the mail. It’s not the most exciting gift so I decided to get creative.

After purchasing some helium balloons, I put the money in a card and boxed them up and sent them via UPS. The idea was that he’d open this box and balloons would pop out. We were going for festive! Have you sent balloons in a box? I’d love to know – send me an email to: [email protected]

What’s your take on giving money? What about gift cards?


Donation of the Week

This week I donated to Aidan’s high school. It’s a charter school, and I was able to donate right on the website.  I wasn’t sure if charter schools were nonprofit (501 (c) 3) and it turned out that this school is.

I had to go searching for that so it would have been helpful to easily see that information. The donation page was basic and easy to use but it didn’t look as secure as it could. Trust when donating is important, and some people will not follow thorough if they aren’t confident about the overall security when they enter their donation info.

Check out my update from the donation on episode 2 for The Jaques Pepin Foundation. They not only replied but followed my 52 gifts Instagram. Shout out to their team and thank you!


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