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Mahalo Anyway

Season #1

Aloha! That’s what was on tap for this week since I expected to be in Hawaii on a long-planned vacation. A medical emergency changed everything at the last minute. Our whole family was disappointed. Fortunately, we are all okay.

How to cope? I don’t like feeling disappointed (who does?) but it happens. I often find myself trying to find the silver lining, so I can move past being sad. That’s when the “everything happens for a reason” thoughts show up. Is that actually true?

Maybe everything isn’t meant to make sense. One thing that’s helped is looking for, and staying focused on, things in life that I can truly be thankful for. Gratitude helps.

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Gift of the Week

We were able to get to a beach even though it wasn’t Hawaii. Friends let us use their home in South Carolina which was so kind and generous, and we were truly thankful and wanted to express that with a gift.

We left them an olive oil and vinegar set from the Staunton Olive Oil company based in Virginia. We also selected a cutting board made from reclaimed wood. It’s small and beautiful and looks lovely with the set.

Because they weren’t going to be back to their home for a few weeks, it was important to select something that would last until they could use them.

I’m grateful for the vacation and the hospitable friends who helped us salvage the week. I hope to continue to look for the good.

Donation of the Week

This week we donated to the Lowcountry Gullah Foundation. It’s located on Hilton Head Island, SC (where we vacationed this week and many times before) and though I was slightly familiar with the Gullah, I really learned a lot more about the culture and history.

Mission: Lowcountry Gullah was developed to promote and more importantly document the richly significant Gullah culture and its contributions to the United States. As a historical resource and cultural tourism influencer, Lowcountry Gullah provides a necessary and central link to the cultural elements that have been woven into the fabric of our society.


Title Note:  Mahalo means "thank you" in Hawaiian.

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