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Rockin' Shibumis

Season #1


Why 52 Gifts? I had an idea about this that was related to my consulting business. I work with non-profit organizations and hoped to do something that was helpful for them. Initially I thought I’d read fundraising letters and make suggestions to improve them. But I knew that wasn’t going to be very interesting to most people, so I went back to the drawing board. Last fall, I received some great gifts for different reasons, and many were unexpected and they inspired me. They made me want to give more gifts!

When I see cool things, I immediately know who will truly love it. I realized I think about this a lot, but seldom follow through. That was the spark for this podcast. I love the idea of a challenge each week, so the 52 Gifts podcast moved from and idea to a real thing that I’m doing!

If you’d like to support the show, you can send me your gift ideas or suggestions for nonprofit organizations that are doing great work where you are at [email protected] . You can also become an annual supporter or a nonprofit supporter by visiting my podcast page. 

Gift of the Week

This week’s gift was for my husband. He was celebrating Father’s Day and his birthday, and I saw something I knew would be perfect  - a Shibumi Shade. It’s a beach shade that works with the wind and it’s perfect for my shade-loving husband.

I also gave him a portable rocker chair with a canopy. So perfect for him. It’s the GCI Outdoor Sunshade Rocker and he loves it. He’s not the easiest person to buy for, so with these two gifts I think I really excelled.

Donation of the Week

This week I donated to the Skin Cancer Foundation. Did you know that 2 people die from skin cancer every hour? I couldn't believe it. Their website was great, and I received an automated receipt right away.

I love being in the sun, so I appreciated the facts on the site that explain the science and data behind skin cancer connected to tanning and sun exposure overall.

Shibumi Shade -

GCI Outdoor Sunshade Rocker -

Skin Cancer Foundation -

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