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Who Rocks?

Season #1

Do you love the Hallmark store as much as I do? I was delighted to find that one opened near my home. Gifts AND greeting cards. What’s better than that?

I picked up this week’s gift there, 7 magnets from the Quotable Magnets shop. I saw several things on their website that would be just perfect for a certain someone. Uplifting quotes and so much more.

Gift of the Week:

The magnets I purchased said “You Rock”.

I recently became a fitness instructor so I could teach my favorite class, BODYPUMP, and it ended up being a bit more challenging than I thought it would be. I’d been doing this workout for years so I’ve been surprised by what it actually takes to get certified.  

To complete my certification, I had to teach and record a video of the class. 10 tracks choreographed to music. It was intense! 7 other instructors were the participants. They did so much to help me, so I wanted to give them something as a thank you for all the support.

The magnets were perfect because these women do completely rock! The magnets are a perfect small gift idea. Nice, meaningful, and adds a personal touch.

Oh, and I passed! I am now a certified Les Mills BODYPUMP instructor.

Donation of the Week:

This week is a duplicate. I received some correspondence from Direct Relief (episode 7) so I couldn’t resist donating to them again.

I heard from the director of partnerships and philanthropy, and he told me they liked the podcast and wanted to share it internally and encouraged me to tag them on social media. Getting the feedback and personal correspondence was great.

It’s important to highlight their work again because Direct Relief supports victims of natural disasters and while the news of earthquakes and hurricanes disappear from the headlines, the work goes on, so I know my donation is a small way of helping them continue to provide critical humanitarian aid.

Be sure to listen to the updates from previous gifts.

I heard from two organizations, one of which was a hand-written note which was especially nice.

If you’d like to support the show, you can send me your gift ideas or suggestions for nonprofit organizations that are doing great work where you are at [email protected] . You can also become an annual supporter or a nonprofit supporter by visiting my podcast page. 

Quotable Magnets 

Direct Relief

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