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I'm sure it's not for a lack of looking.

Season #1

Hey, hi and hello. Happy you are here!

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This week, we got to celebrate my brother-in-law’s birthday. We had already planned to visit and go tubing so I got busy shopping for his gift.

What you need to know about Todd; he’s the guy who always has us laughing. If you are crying at Christmas, it’s probably because Todd has been on a roll and has you laughing so hard you’re in tears.

Title Note: A quote from Fletch (1985) which is a big Todd thing. I think he can quote the entire movie!

He’s got a great sense of humor and he’s not afraid to go there. He’s a much-needed source of comic relief. His humor comes from his big heart and a good place. Another reason he’s so fun to be around.

Gift of the Week:

I wish I could have found a funny gift for him, but you just can’t force that kind of thing.  

For the perfect gift I went to CFO Trading Company which has a great selection of gifts that men seem to like.

My daughter and I picked out a Howler Bros. hat for him. But, I never like to give just one gift – it needs accompaniment. Something to add a little flair or round out the gift. Plus, if the main gift doesn’t hit the mark, at least there’s something to make it less of a flop.  

So we picked out a fancy bar of soap made by Caswell-Massey. I know that may seem weird, but it smells amazing, and we decided it was the perfect add-on.

Donation of the Week:

On our way out of town for our tubing weekend, we passed a truck for the Blue Ridge Area Foodbank. It had a tagline that really grabbed me. Because everyone should have enough to eat.

Yes! That’s a perfect tag line. In one sentence they sum up the reason for their mission and the big vision for the work they do. This is something that everyone can get behind. On their site, they explain that food insecurity affects 1 out of 12 people including 1 in 12 children. They are doing incredible work helping to feed over 109,000 people every month.

I am glad I was able to donate and I agree with their mission. No one should be hungry.


CFO Trading Company

Howler Bros.


The Blue Ridge Area Food Bank

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