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Adventure Capital

Season #1

I’m glad you are tuning in for this week’s gift and nonprofit donation. This is a do-over episode. I recorded it once and just didn’t like it so I’m taking another stab at it.

I am focused on making this easy, but I also want the stories to be interesting for you the listener. Going for the happy medium between ease and good storytelling.

Gift of the Week

This week’s gift is related to a recent trip. I met up with my besties (we sometimes call ourselves the “core four”) and we’ve been intentional about staying in touch. We used to be in the same area, but now that I’m not in the NYC/CT area we can’t just grab dinner so I’m glad we had our 42 hours of fun in Harrisburg, PA.

These are the people who’d be there for me anytime. I trust them implicitly and they know the real me and have grace for me when I’m not at my best. I hope you have people like this in your life.

One of our four, Filomena Finelli, had a birthday, so I brought her a small gift. You may remember her from my only interview episode. The gift was a dish towel from BlueQ that says, “Sometimes Blessings Look a Lot Like Bullshit”. Perfect for Filomena. She’s a down to earth person who can stay positive in the face of challenges and also admit that life isn’t fair.

BlueQ is an amazing place to get gifts for adults. They are fun, funny, and guaranteed to make the recipient laugh.

Donation of the Week

I decided to donate to an organization in Harrisburg that’s supporting local citizens. It’s a small city, and the capital of Pennsylvania. Like many cities they are dealing with homelessness so I donated to the Capital Area Coalition on Homelessness.

The organization consists of over 70 organizations, agencies, churches and other nonprofits, that mobilize resources to help the region’s families and friends who are homeless, or are dangerously close to becoming homeless.

Their website shares that they have a proven track record of helping people get back on their feet. Homelessness is a complicated problem and solutions are varied and they recognized that it would take a community effort to solve the crisis.

I love that they say they want homelessness to be rare, brief, and non-recurring. That’s a mission I can support.

Finally, I share an insight about nonprofit websites. If your cause is important, then it demands good marketing so that you can communicate the mission and its impact. People need to know about who you are and what you do.



The fabulous BlueQ company. 

Home 231

Harrisburg Beach Club


Capital Area Coalition on Homelessness

 Show Notes provided by Sound Advice Strategies

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Title Note: The core 4 had an adventure in Pennsylvania's capital city.


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