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63 + 50

Season #1


Making an impact is important. I work with non-profit organizations, and they are all about impact. Giving gifts and making donations is just one way to show appreciation and support the work that others are doing. I hope you can share a gift with someone in your life and donate to a cause that inspires you.


Gift of the Week

One of my non-profit clients, Rocktown History from episode 4, decided to bring awareness to planned giving. They realized this was an opportunity and set about establishing a program. I’m happy to share how we did this, and the steps involved - . please contact me if this is something you’d like to hear more about.

This week’s gift went to Les, an expert on planned giving, who visited Rocktown History and shared, with the trustees, a lot of helpful insights and tips for a successful planned giving program. I found out that he had just retired, and he and his wife were getting ready to embark on a big trip to several National parks.

As a thank you, I got Les a personalized National Parks scratch off poster from Uncommon Goods. I think it was the perfect way to thank him for his help and a great way for he and his wife to commemorate the stops on their trip.

It’s so fun to pick up a little tidbit about a person, a small detail, and find a great gift that lets them know you paid attention to who they are and what they care about.

Donation of the Week

The relief efforts on Maui, Hawaii are what I donated to this week. Many people have lost everything they own, something I don’t think most of us can comprehend. Maui is also a special place for my husband and I and our family.

Years ago, we visited with my in-laws when our son was a year old. When we arrived, the road to our hotel was closed due to a wildfire. This was 2006. My husband’s co-worker had recently moved to NY from Hawaii and had given him the name and address of a friend and suggested he look him up when we were there. With no other option, that evening we navigated our way and found ourselves on the doorstep of a stranger hoping he could help us.

Fortunately for us, he was a thoughtful and kind person who welcomed us into his home for the night. The next morning, we woke up to find he lived at the top of a mountain with the most amazing views. That’s Maui for you. The people there really do embrace the ohana spirit.

I donated to three organizations. The Trilogy fund was a no-brainer since we’d booked excursions with them and wanted to help them support their employees and others.

A marketer I follow, Tarzan Kay, shared 2 other funds that her family member, who lives on Maui, recommended. I trust Tarzan and I knew that if she was asking on their behalf, I could be confident that my donation would go to the people who needed support.

Reminder: small gifts do make a difference. You don’t have to write a big check. Donations of all sizes help.



Personalized National Parks Scratch Off Posterg

Trilogy Maui Fire Fund

Kākoʻo Maui Match Donation Fund, a campaign by the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement

‘Āina Momona Emergency Fundraiser for Maui Fires

 Show Notes provided by Sound Advice Strategies


Title note: There are 63 national parks and Hawaii is the 50th state.

If you’d like to support the show, you can send me your gift ideas or suggestions for nonprofit organizations that are doing great work where you are at [email protected] . You can also become an annual supporter or a nonprofit supporter by visiting my podcast page. 


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