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I'm not crying. You're crying.

Season #1

If I were to change the tagline on this podcast from “the podcast that keeps on giving,” it would be “it’s NOT the thought that counts.” Let me explain. I was one of those people who always had good intentions but didn’t follow through. I’d see the perfect gift for someone but didn’t share it, so the thought ended up not really "counting" at all. Now that I am giving people the fun or unique gift that’s just right for them, both the recipient and I are benefitting from going beyond thinking about someone to taking action on it.

Gift of the Week

I sent a surprise gift to my cousin Danielle. She lives in New York, and we don’t get to each other very often. As usual, there’s a story behind this gift.

Back in the day, our family camped together in Allegany State Park. It started with tents, then became cabins, and now my family regularly reserves a large group camp with a main building and a bunch of cabins for everyone who wants to go. There’s also a tradition called “chicken night” where everyone shows up, even those who don’t camp. I recall games and skits and songs and loads of fun.

This year (as I was told) there were prize baskets at camp and my son (who was at the family camp for the first time) took all his tickets and entered them for the Buffalo Bills basket. It wasn’t meant to be. He didn’t win, but my cousin Danielle did. She claimed her basket and, on the way back to her seat, she turned and gave it to my son.

That’s how I came to give her a Buffalo Bills branded toiletry bag from Vera Bradley. Surprise and thank you Dani for being so kind and generous and Go Bills!


Donation of the Week

This week’s donation went to Caring for Friends, a Philadelphia-based organization that shares food and friendship with homebound, homeless & hungry people in greater Philadelphia.

I chose this organization because they are on my Bmail list (the one for my business supporting non-profits) and they are regular readers. I like to learn about my audience, so I pay attention to who is opening and reading my weekly messages.

I like that, on their donation page, Caring for Friends tells me what my money can do. Translating dollars into impact makes a big difference. They also do some creative things like sharing grocery lists and freezer locations in case people want to share home cooked meals.

The history of the organization is also impressive. One woman saw a need in her neighborhood and started Caring for Friends out of her home in 1974. Fifty years later, it has expanded to a network of 10,000 volunteers & 200 food pantries providing food and friendship in 5 counties.

As the founder says, “no one should be hungry or alone in a world of caring people.”



Vera Bradley NFL Collection

Caring For Friends

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