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If you were from where I'm from then you would know...

Season #1


Before I share this week’s gift and donation I have an update about a donation I made a few weeks ago to the Trilogy Maui Fire fund. You can listen to the entire message but I’ll share this part here.

“At this time, a confirmed 32 members of our Trilogy crew and staff, nearly a third of our workforce, have lost their homes. As we continue our fundraising efforts, we remind you that each contribution will go directly to our staff who have been directly impacted.”

This is a reminder to us all that the people of Maui still need our help.

Gift of the Week

When you find something unique it’s got to be shared! This week it’s a great children’s book. Though it’s for young kids, I enjoyed it too. The title: This is How We Do It, One Day in the Lives of Seven Kids from Around the World by Matt Lamothe.

This is how we do it . . . Do you remember that song? Now you won’t be able to get it out of your head.

This book was perfect for my friend’s son who just turned 2. The author is also an illustrator and animator and it’s lovely. It’s a great book for parents to read to children. It’s also a great way for kids to learn that there are kids like them all over the world.


Donation of the Week

Give Directly was this week’s recipient. It was a campaign that was mentioned on the Jordan Harbinger show.

Jordan and his company put up a match challenge to raise funds called “Lift 2 Villages”. The funds will be transferred directly to families with substantial needs. The families typically live on $2 a day and it’s expected that the funds will go towards basic needs, access to water, and resources to help them take care of their families.

I love how they explain the concept of donating cash directly to people who need it. From the website: Despite the stereotypes, recipients of cash do not systematically waste or misuse it. We believe people living in poverty deserve the dignity to choose for themselves how best to improve their lives — cash enables that choice.

I hope you’ll check out the campaign and donate if you’re able.


Trilogy Maui Fire Fund

Kākoʻo Maui Match Donation Fund, a campaign by the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement

‘Āina Momona Emergency Fundraiser for Maui Fires

This week's gifts:

This is How We Do It by Matt Lamothe

Lift 2 Villages campaign through Give Directly


Title Note: Lyrics from Montell Jordan's 1995 hit song "This Is How We Do It." Also, you might enjoy this bit of internet genius: This is Howie Dewitt

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