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Obnoxious AF

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I'll bet you have a lot of personal integrity. You try to follow through on your commitments, you basically always tell the truth, and you keep your daily doings on the up and up.


No shady business for you. No, ma'am.


And I'll bet you notice that all your good behavior pays off over time. People trust you and they're not afraid to get close to you because they know what to...

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Four Hard Truths About Stagnant Nonprofit Organizations

We're not moving the needle.

We can’t seem to get out of our own way.

I'm just not seeing any progress.

We're not having an impact. 

I'm just spinning my wheels.


Sound familiar?

No matter which way you say it, the story is the same: you’re working hard (perhaps harder than ever) but not creating a measurable result with your nonprofit. Maybe you and your team get lots of work done but still can’t seem to move the mission forward in a way that truly...

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Warning: This Blog Might Suck

Hey, it's Bern.

This. Is. My. Blog.  ACK!

Truth: I’ve never done this before and I’m reluctant to start. Starting something new when you’re unsure of the outcome is hard. It’s difficult to surrender to the process of trying when you are hung up on the idea of producing something good. No one wants to create something that sucks - and a new blog is highly likely to suck - so we just don’t even try. 

I have had to prepare a long time for this day - to...

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