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Churn, Baby, Churn: Three things proactive associations will have done to rescue member retention


A valid concern.

Associations and other nonprofits that do not provide direct support or essential services related to COVID, work-from-home, or the economic downturn might be feeling a tad vulnerable by now. Perhaps they fear that their members, when faced with tough choices and competing priorities, will let their memberships lapse or will cancel outright. 


The moment(s) of truth.

36% of membership organizations have “rolling memberships” in which members...

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A Means to an End: Dissolving Your Nonprofit with Competence & Finesse

The closure of a nonprofit organization, for reasons good or bad, is a reality for many leaders each year. If you are faced with the prospect of dissolution, it’s important to know that the care and attention you give to the termination of your organization is as important as the care and attention it was given at its start. Leading others through a comprehensive and deliberate wrap-up plan will help stakeholders and the public come to terms with what’s happening and help prevent...

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