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Missionary Position

 Hey - it's Bern and...this is my second blog post!

(I’m not going to do this every time, I swear. But I’m super impressed with myself right now.)

Confession: I may or may not have selected mission/vision as my first topic just so I could use ‘Missionary Position’ as a post title. You decide. But, either way, here we are: talking about mission and vision because they are so often overlooked in the daily course of business, yet, they constitute the...

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Warning: This Blog Might Suck

Hey, it's Bern.

This. Is. My. Blog.  ACK!

Truth: I’ve never done this before and I’m reluctant to start. Starting something new when you’re unsure of the outcome is hard. It’s difficult to surrender to the process of trying when you are hung up on the idea of producing something good. No one wants to create something that sucks - and a new blog is highly likely to suck - so we just don’t even try. 

I have had to prepare a long time for this day - to...

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