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Stop Blaming Fundraising: 8 (Other) Ways to Improve Your Bottom Line

Sometimes fundraising gets a bad rap. Actually, it gets a bad rap most of the time. Hang out with nonprofit leaders anywhere and you'll hear phrases like these:

"Fundraising is hard."

"Nobody likes to fundraise." 

"We don't have a development person/department."

"There's too much competition/we're all chasing after the same money."

While I don't dispute that fundraising can be a challenge, (just look at how many people and companies are dedicated to helping...

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Do You See What I See? An ode to Warby Parker.

One of my favorite aspects of teaching my digital course, the Empowered Nonprofit Leader, is diving into the fun work of creating or updating mission, vision, and values statements. It's no secret that I geek out at a great turn of phrase or inspiring, exciting language. And of all the examples I give in the mission module, my number one pick is, solidly, Warby Parker. Their approach to the M/V/V is non-traditional but perfectly matched to the brand's personality and style.
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Churn, Baby, Churn: Three things proactive associations will have done to rescue member retention


A valid concern.

Associations and other nonprofits that do not provide direct support or essential services related to COVID, work-from-home, or the economic downturn might be feeling a tad vulnerable by now. Perhaps they fear that their members, when faced with tough choices and competing priorities, will let their memberships lapse or will cancel outright. 


The moment(s) of truth.

36% of membership organizations have “rolling memberships” in which members...

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